Water Emergencies: Things to Do (or Not Do) While Waiting for Experts to Arrive

A water emergency on your property can be overwhelming. Preparation is the key to avoiding panic and implementing an effective first response. Make your first step calling the professionals at Entrusted as soon as you’ve discovered the emergency. While you’re waiting for our emergency team to arrive, here are five things you can do to prevent further damage.



1. Turn Off the Main Water Supply


Find the location of your main water valve and turn it off. By turning off the main water supply, you’ll stop excess water from oozing out. If you aren’t sure where to find your water line or how to turn it off, review this article for a quick how-to guide. 



2. Drain the Lines


After you’ve turned off the main valve, the residual liquid will still be left in your pipes. To completely stop the leakage in your home, turn off the hoses or spigots in your yard. 



3. Remove Standing Water


While waiting for the Entrusted team to arrive, take a bucket or mop and start removing the excess water. You can also open the windows or turn on the fans to help minimize the damage to your flooring, carpets, drywall, etc. 



4. Check the Electric Appliances


Electric appliances near the water emergency can come into contact with the water. This can cause short-circuits and other damages. To avoid this, turn off these electrical appliances and check the fuse box to ensure it is dry. 



5. Start Taking Pictures


If your home is insured against flood damages, then some pictures can assist you in your claim filing process. Start taking photos, and make sure you are covering everything to use it as proof of the incident. The size of your claim will depend on your insurance policy and how they treat water emergencies.



6. Do Not Try to Fix It Yourself


It is not wise to try fixing the problem yourself just to avoid paying professionals. Not completing the job thoroughly can put the structural integrity of your home at risk and the insurance company may refuse to pay you. 


Water emergencies can catch you off guard and cause panic. Take a couple of deep breaths and call the team at Entrusted immediately for quick and expert service.