How Bioesque Kills Covid-19

While scientists and health experts are working tirelessly to combat the novel coronavirus, there are things we can do within our own homes to protect our families and promote peace of mind. One of the ways that has proven effective in fighting the virus is to use disinfectants on surfaces that are commonly touched. The CBC has a list of disinfectants that have been proven to kill the virus. There are antimicrobial products available on the market that have been tested against hundreds of viruses. One of the best products for eliminating Covid-19 is called Bioesque. 

Bioesque is a solution that has proven to be useful in preventing the outbreak of pathogens. It is a product that professional cleaners swear by and has the capacity to create a safe place for your family or customers, if applied correctly. After a team of professionals applies the disinfectant, they allow the product to sit on the surface for the appropriate amount of time before they proceed to wipe it down. Bioesque has been known to be a versatile product that can be used in residential, commercial, industrial settings, as well as the medical field. 

The combination of touchpoint cleaning and application of disinfectant to other surfaces is a proven strategy to break the chain of infection. Although these efforts are designed to affect microorganisms that are too small to see without magnification, a detailed post-work visual inspection must be done to evaluate the effectiveness of the efforts to control COVID-19. It is critical that everyone does their part to bring the nation back to normal. To do this, we have to do everything in our power to keep ourselves and our environments virus-free. 

Entrusted is now offering sanitation services in which our team of professionals applies the Bioesque disinfectant solution that has been proven to kill COVID-19. The solution is applied to hard services and touch points in accordance with CDC guidelines and RIA/IICRC standards. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.