How Experts Find Hidden Water Damage

Water damage is frequently caused by one or multiple leaks and can have a catastrophic impact on your home. Unfortunately water damage usually first starts out of sight, yet it is capable of weakening your house’s structure and can cause mold and mildew growth quickly.

Finding the Cause of Hidden Water Damage

In instances of hidden water damage, the team of experts at Entrusted will mitigate the problem at the source. Here are the most common places experts will look first:


1. Leaky or Bursting Pipes


Pipes are one of the first possible culprits experts examine because a leaky or bursting pipe is a common cause of water damage. Pipes can leak for many reasons, but if left unchecked it can cause significant problems.


2. Check the Sink for Water Leaks


Leaking sinks are also a common culprit for hidden water damage. Regularly checking for standing water, water stains, or condensation is a must. Fix all leaks immediately to keep the problem from worsening.


3. HVACs


An HVAC system is responsible for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning in your home. HVAC systems are commonly a source of water damage in the home. HVAC units should be regularly maintained to avoid water damage and mold growth.



4. Malfunctioning Household Appliances


Household appliances, especially those that use water such as dishwashers or washing machines, are also a common cause of water damage. Entrusted experts will check household appliances to determine if they are the main cause of the damage to your home.



5. Perform a Visual Inspection


It is easy for leaks caused by plumbing inside the ceiling or walls to go unnoticed. In this instance, an expert will visually inspect the walls and ceilings in every room. If they notice unusual staining or discoloration, mold or strange dips, and/or bowing of the ceiling or walls, it means you could have a leak inside the ceiling that must be fixed as soon as possible.


If you notice signs of hidden water damage in your house, call Entrusted to inspect your home. Our team will track the source of the leak and help you return your home back to its former glory.