7 Steps for Hurricane Preparedness

The hurricane season has a history of causing destruction and wreaking havoc, to say the least. It can wipe out entire residential neighborhoods and destroy the livelihood of many. This is why preparation is key to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Being prepared also means protecting your property from the worst-case scenario. This is not something that should be put off, but should be started sooner rather than later. If you are waiting for a hurricane watch to be issued, it will be far too late. Here are some preparation steps, brought to you by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to ensure the safety of everything you hold dearly.

  1. Determine the Risk
  2. It is important that as the head of a household, or the owner of a property, you calculate the worst-case scenario when dealing with mother nature. It is a far better idea to put money into preventing damage, rather than dealing with the large amount of cash that could go into losing your home, or the emotional toll of an injured loved one. Determine the risks that are involved in these tropical storms. 

  3. Develop an Evacuation
  4. It is always better to be over prepared than underprepared. In any business, it is mandatory that an evacuation plan is implemented and that all employees are informed of the procedure. This should be no different in your home. Be sure there is an evacuation plan in place and that all household members are aware of the procedure.

  5. Assemble Emergency Supplies
  6. Gather all the necessary supplies to ensure that in a worst case scenario you are prepared to combat it with the appropriate tools. Find more information about what emergency supplies are necessary, check out our blog post outlining how to create a hurricane preparedness plan.

  7. Get an Insurance Checkup
  8. This step is vital. Having an agent visit your home and determine how much home insurance and hurricane insurance you need is an incredible investment. Once again, this is another example of being completely prepared for the worst-case scenario. As with all insurance, the hope is that you’ll never need to use it.

  9. Prepare Your Property
  10. There are many ways to make sure your property is ready to face the extreme winds speeds and chaos that is involved in a hurricane. Be certain that you prepare your personal property by installing shutters or roll-downs on your windows.

  11. Help Your Community
  12. A responsibility of someone who has completed the previous steps is to pay it forward and do your due diligence to ensure the safety of those in the community. Share the knowledge that you have acquired and even help them complete some of the steps on this list, if you’re able.

  13. Complete a Written Plan

Leave nothing to chance and create and finalize a detailed and thorough plan. Break down every possible scenario and brainstorm the best way to combat hurricane damage, before it happens. 

Entrusted is committed to helping our communities prepare for the hurricane season. For more information about how to prepare, visit the Entrusted blog for prevention tips and resources.