Top 3 Ways to Fight the Coronavirus

There is no question that this new virus is more serious than those that have come before. We need to be extra diligent in protecting ourselves from impact in our homes and in our communities. It is essential that we take every available precaution to ensure the safety of those people around us as well as ourselves. We have heard what seems like endless advice and articles from health experts on how to combat this invisible enemy, but what really works best?

1. Wash Your Hands:  We have heard this advice time and time again. But yes, while simple, washing your hands is extremely effective. In a perfect world, this would be an activity that is done by all regularly. But alas, we can’t control whether others have clean hands. You should wash your own hands before eating, prior to preparing food, after sneezing or coughing, after using the restroom, and whenever you feel it has been awhile since you washed last. This will kill germs on your hands, which is the outlet for introducing it to other parts of the body.

2. Wear A Mask: There have been rumors surfacing stating that wearing a mask does not actually resist the transportation of Covid-19. This is false. Viruses such as Covid-19 can spread from an infected person to another through the air from either coughing or sneezing. By wearing a facemask, you prevent droplets from hitting your face or mouth before they drop to the ground, as well you keep droplets from your own breath from reaching someone else.

3. Cleaning With Bioesque: The majority of people have most likely never heard of this disinfectant, but within expert circles, it is known to kill the pathogen. This product can be found on the CBC’s list of products that are used to kill the virus. A proven strategy consists of a combination of touchpoint cleaning and application of disinfectant to other surfaces, which breaks the chain of infection. This chemical can be used on hardwood floors, counters, and other common places people touch on a regular basis. 

Entrusted is now offering sanitation services in which our team of professionals cleans and applies the Bioesque disinfectant solution that has been proven to kill Covid-19. The solution will be applied to hard surfaces and touchpoints in accordance with CDC guidelines and RIA/IIRC standards. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.