How long does the fire restoration process take?

To put it simply, the fire restoration process depends on the extent of the fire damage. Depending on the scope of your project, more or less time may be required for restoration. Hiring fire restoration professionals to return your home to normal working condition is imperative. Here are a few reasons experts at a restoration company are an essential part of the process:

    1. Improve aesthetic: Fire and smoke can often leave blackened surfaces that detract from the overall aesthetics of your building.
    2. Remove soot and acidic element: Soot and acidic elements can often damage furniture and can leave you inhaling damaging chemicals for a long time after the fire has gone.
    3. Minimize health problems: The damage caused may impact your overall health and well-being. There may also be undetectable damages such as those to electrical cables which could result in dangerous electrical charges that could potentially harm you or your loved ones.

The Fire Restoration Process

While the fire restoration process may vary in time, there are some solid steps that everyone must go through to fully restore a building after a fire. These steps will vary depending on the severity of the fire and can last anywhere from a couple of days to six months or more.

Step 1: Assessment: Assessing the damages is key to understanding what exactly needs to be restored, how long it will take, and the associated cost. It’s important to hire a trusted restoration company who can give you a clear overview of what needs to be restored.

Step 2: Damage Control: A fire cleanup crew will avoid further damage by removing salvageable contents from the home. The longer they stay in the affected area, the harder they’ll be to clean. In the case of fire damage on surfaces, these will be covered. Your fire restoration company may recommend you have vents, HVAC systems, etc. serviced to prevent soot from filling the home.

Step 3: Cleaning and Repairs: Fire causes a lot of surface damage that will need to be cleaned. This means sanitizing the areas that have been damaged and removing soot.

Step 4: Replacing Damaged Items: Flooring, furniture, wallpaper, paintings, and electrical sockets may all need to be replaced due to fire damage. If this is the case, create a full catalog of items to be replaced for insurance and personal purposes.

Entrusted Can Help

We are both a fire mitigation AND restoration company. It is essential to begin the restoration process immediately after a fire to minimize damage to your home. We have experienced professionals on-call 24/7 to respond to every fire emergency.