My A/C is leaking water inside my house. What do I do?

In the case of you’re A/C leaking water inside your house, it’s important to quickly take steps to minimize the risk to your health and damage to your property. When water leakage occurs, the first step is to call your local water clean up company as soon as you notice water damage for a free professional assessment. They will be able to best help assess the damage and begin restoring today. Once  Entrusted has been contacted, you are on your way to minimizing damage and getting your leak resolved.

Troubleshooting Solutions

Once you have taken the steps above, consider these six major reasons that A/C units leak to begin the troubleshooting process.

  1. A broken pump
  2. A/C condenser coil is leaking
  3. Faulty installation
  4. Dirty filter
  5. Overflow pan is damaged
  6. A/C drain line is clogged

Any of these 6 reasons can be what happened to your A/C unit, Call Entrusted today to start the process of resolving your water damage.