How Do I Prevent Mold Growth in My Shower?

How to Keep Your Shower Mold Free

When you bathe using hot or warm water, you create a humid environment in your shower. Since mold needs darkness, moisture, and warmth to grow, it will likely grow in the shower if you are not careful.

Mold is dangerous, especially if you have a sensitivity to it. For instance, mold irritates your respiratory passages and causes skin rashes. Mold can cause coughing and eye irritation that can interfere with your everyday life. To avoid all this, you need to prevent mold growth in your shower. Below are a few ways you can prevent mold growth in the shower:

Wipe Your Showerhead with White Vinegar

Wiping your showerhead with white vinegar at least once or twice a week will help prevent mold growth in your shower. Dampen a sponge with vinegar, sprinkle an essential oil of your choice and baking soda on the sponge, and then use it to wipe your showerhead. The essential oils lessen the smell of vinegar. After you finish wiping your shower, rinse it with clean water.

Keep Your Bathroom Window Open During and After Bathing

Excess moisture is likely to build up in your bathroom after you bathe. This moisture can encourage mold growth in your shower. To prevent it, you should ensure that your bathroom window remains open while you are bathing and afterward. Opening your bathroom window will help ensure that air circulates effectively in your bathroom, reducing the amount of moisture in the air. If you do not have a window, use a fan to increase airflow in your bathroom. 

Install an Exhaust Fan in Your Bathroom

This type of fan is designed to remove moisture from your bathroom. Mold is less likely to grow in a moisture-free environment.

To ensure that this type of fungi does not grow in your shower, perform preventive measures such as the ones explained here. If you do notice mold when wiping your showerhead, contact Entrusted. Our professionals can help you stop mold growth and remove it from your shower. We are experienced in offering water damage restoration services, so we can also help you solve the water-mitigation issues that may be encouraging mold growth.