Things to Do Before Starting the Bathroom Remodeling Process

Get Ready for Your Bathroom Remodel in 5 Easy Steps

Streamline your upcoming bathroom remodel by creating a plan and preparing for what is to come. The following five pre-makeover tasks will help you smoothly transition into construction mode.

  1. Choose a Design Concept Ahead of Time

Some people prefer to make decisions moment by moment, however, when you’re working on a larger home improvement project you should make decisions ahead of time. Planning is the best strategy to keep your project on time. Nail down your design concept beforehand by researching ideas online and looking in magazines or in a friend’s home. Whether contemporary, craftsman, or cultured, your design concept will guide your decisions.

  1. Practical Planning Helps Every Project

Before day one of the remodel, get practical. Declutter the areas where the construction crew will be working, decide where the crew will park and which door they should use, and put down some plastic runners to protect your carpet.

  1. Get Your Bathroom Remodel-Ready

Remove all your personal items from the site of the remodel. It’s much easier for your crew to tile your shower if they don’t have to dodge shampoo bottles. Be sure to make room beneath your sink for the plumber too.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

Expect delays. They are often unavoidable, and your ability to be positive helps everyone stay on track. Try to build some flexibility into your expectations so that a few minor deviations won’t derail the project. For example, if the soaking tub you wanted is out of stock, be willing to accept the next best option.

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