4 Tips for Remodeling Success in the New Year

A new year is often a time for setting goals and renewing ambitions. After the struggles of 2020, it is understandable that homeowners want to update certain parts of their home. Most Americans spent 9 months of the year working from home and seeing all the ways they could improve their living space. What a better way to start the year than to begin a little or big home renovation. For helpful information, consider these tips for remodeling success in the new year.

Consider Long-Term Costs

Budgeting is an important aspect of remodeling. Saving money on and for a project often feels like a victory. A way to save money for a project like this is to lay out a plan for all of the areas in which you will spend money, that way when you begin the project you know generally how much things will cost you. An extra tip to this process is to have a budget for things to go wrong (hopefully nothing gets in the way of the project and everything is smooth), having an emergency found to help if things start to get messy helps take off the added stress of your remodel.  Sometimes, homeowners keep up-front costs low by purchasing lower-end products. A high-quality product may last two or even three times as long as a low-cost alternative, resulting in a lower cost overall. When pricing out items, balance initial cost against longevity. Always keep in mind that a budget will help keep things less stressful and more organized. 

Set the Tone

The first purchase on a project should be the most expensive item. This item will set the tone for style and color in the area. Next, buy the second-most expensive item to match the first. And so on. The reasoning behind this is that paint and knobs can be replaced quite easily if you come to find them disagreeable, but a granite countertop is going to remain in the area for a long time.

Expect To Go Over Budget

Even the most meticulous budgeter cannot foresee all of the things that can go wrong during the project. I mean when was the last time you started a project and only went to Home Depot once? Replacing a warped panel costs time and money. Shipping delays can set a project back. One guideline suggests that remodelers allow for the project to cost 20% more than planned and take 50% longer than expected. This “wiggle room” will lower stress levels for the whole crew.

Stick to the Plan

Take your time and draft as many plans as necessary until you settle on the perfect one. Once the plan is determined, keep it unaltered for the entire project. This practice will save time, money, and headache. Last-minute changes often result in wasted materials, measurement mistakes, and the unnecessary labor involved in a “re-do.” Plan carefully, then stick to it.

Spending more and more time at home can inspire homeowners to begin more and more home projects. Home remodels can be challenging and rewarding. For your next project, follow these tips for a successful home remodeling project. 

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