How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

Southerners know that April is a wet month. April showers bring May flowers, as well as a whole list of potential issues. Many homeowners labor to minimize or prevent water damage to their homes and possessions. Because there are so many forms of preparation to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of tasks to help you prepare for the rainy season.

Anticipate Rain

Precipitation is inevitable during the spring. With proper preparation, homeowners can minimize rain’s negative effects. Clean home gutters and downspouts, ensuring no debris will impede water flow. Identify and repair any leaks in the roof. Heavy rain and wind can cause outside items to damage the home. Eliminate potential hazards by trimming trees and removing any item that may pose a threat, such as an unsteady tree or structure.

Prevent Flood Damage

Large accumulations of water can wreak havoc on a home. A few improvements can help keep water pools at a safe distance. Install a sump pump to move water away from the home, making sure to perform regular maintenance. Add extensions to downspouts to keep drainage far from the home’s foundation. Since water pools affect the lowest points of the home, protect your basement with waterproof sealant. Sealant can also be used on home windows or other leak-prone areas. 

Prepare for Emergencies

Despite our best efforts, we cannot completely prevent home flooding. Prepare in advance so that an emergency can be handled smoothly. Assemble a supply of food, water, and other essential items. Store them in a waterproof container along with important documents. Review flood insurance policies to ensure they provide adequate coverage. If you are planning a vacation, arrange for neighbors to check on the house while you are away.

During the rainy season, flooding is a concern heavy on the minds of many homeowners. A great amount of damage can be prevented with proper preparation. A few home improvements can eliminate irreparable damage in the event of high water levels. Follow the tips listed above to adequately prepare for the rainy season. If you do find yourself with flood damage, contact the Entrusted team immediately for a free consultation. We will do everything we can to minimize further damage and mitigate that which has already occurred.