3 Tips to Avoid Kitchen Fires

Homeowners and renters alike work to maintain an optimal living environment. Occupants take comfort in knowing that their homes are safe. A homeowners goal is to prevent housefires, the most common of these originating in kitchens. Stoves and ovens account for over 60 percent of house fires. Maintaining a low-risk kitchen will significantly impact home safety. To maximize fire safety, below are a few tips for avoiding kitchen fires.

Move Flammable Items

Heat sources such as ovens and toasters should be kept at a distance from decor items that could be flammable. To determine if something is flammable, consider its composites. If it is metal or stone, it is non-flammable. Most other materials, including plastic and food, are flammable. Keep in mind that even metal or stone objects may contain flammable items. By placing flammable objects at three feet or more from a heat source can improve kitchen safety.

Remove Dirt and Dust

Over time, many surfaces accumulate dust and debris, which can be famible if it is not taken care of properly. Food particles can accumulate quickly, and dust settles regardless of how frequently the appliance is used. When debris comes into contact with a heating element, it may catch fire and spread to nearby items. To help manage and take care of your kitchen, regular dusting and vacuuming will help keep your kitchen flame-free.

Use Appliances Responsibly

Since most kitchen fires begin with appliances, a good fire reduction strategy will begin with responsible use of appliances. Counter appliances should be unplugged when not in use, thus reducing the risk of electrical fire. Remain in the kitchen area while cooking and utilize kitchen timers to prevent burnt food. After use, ensure stoves and ovens are completely turned off. 

Fire prevention strategies can cause a home to feel more safe and comfortable. Increase peace of mind by reducing the risk of kitchen fires. Many homes can benefit from following the steps above. By moving flammable items, removing dirt and dust, and using appliances responsibly, homeowners can be confident that the home and kitchen are at a lower risk for fire. If you do happen to have an electrical fire and your property is damaged, call the Entrusted team to come and take a look at the damage and help put your home back together.