Why Saltwater Flooding Does More Damage

Saltwater flooding can cause incredible damage to your property. Unlike rainwater, saltwater flooding increases the conductivity of water. This speeds up its ability to cause irreparable damage to every part of your home. A home damaged by saltwater requires the assistance of Entrusted’s water damage cleanup company to halt the damage. 

Here are the common areas that can be affected by saltwater:

Saltwater causes metals in your home to rust

Metals will rust when it comes in contact with any source of water. However, saltwater will significantly boost the rusting process. Within a few days of exposure, rust can start to form. 

Saltwater dissolves building materials

Building materials weaken and sometimes completely dissipate in saltwater. Materials such as wood, plaster, drywall, and gypsum board are especially sensitive to saltwater. The longer these materials remain in contact, the more damage is caused. 

Saltwater can cause the soil around your foundation to erode

Saltwater can negatively influence the natural chemical balance of the soil around your property. As a result, the soil will become weak and shift which, in turn, will cause structural problems with your foundation and can erode it over time. 

Saltwater increases the possibility of electrocution

Saltwater has increased conductivity. Electrical sources such as an electrical socket that comes into contact with saltwater will need to be replaced immediately, as the chances of electrocution are very high. In addition, the salt residue will make these electrical sources a fire hazard even when they are completely dry. 

Saltwater stimulates mold growth

Unfortunately, when mold comes into contact with saltwater, it can grow exponentially. Mold loves moisture, and flooding penetrates the hidden corners of a structure that can be very hard to dry. The best way to dry out and remove the mold permanently is to seek the assistance of Entrusted’s water damage cleanup company.

How to restore your home after saltwater flooding 

Due to its destructive nature, you need to make sure that your home is professionally treated to prevent further damage. Water removal and drying to prevent rotting and mold growth must be completed by professionals. In addition, saltwater damage also requires special care and removal to ensure that electrical and plumbing issues do not occur in the home.