How to Prevent Mold in Your Laundry Area

In most laundry rooms, heat and humidity are continuously present, hence they offer the perfect climate for mold growth. Water mitigation is one of the best preventive measures. Keep problems at bay by taking steps to control humidity, frequently checking for the beginnings of mold growth, and quickly cleaning up when necessary.

The most prominent way to prevent mold in your laundry room is to frequently incorporate preventive measures to keep it dry and clean. 

Here are a few steps you can take that will help achieve a mold-free laundry room: 

1. Fix leaky appliances

Leaks in your washer, regardless of how small, can lead to flooding if not repaired. In such instances, water mitigation is the only effective measure. However, it doesn\’t have to get this far with proper check-up and maintenance of your appliances. 

2. Properly ventilate the laundry room

Proper ventilation is key when you\’re trying to prevent the formation of mold. The simplest way to ventilate the laundry room is to keep windows and doors when the washer and dryer are running open to ensure proper flow of heat into the outside.  Less heat equals less humidity and less humidity equals less mold. Using a powered fan also helps. 

3. Do your laundry frequently and dry wash immediately

Dirty clothes are a food source for mold and piles of laundry can attract humidity and lead to mold growth. Washing laundry frequently is, therefore, a great way to prevent mold creation. Don’t leave clothes inside the washing machine and avoid storing them in bags made out of plastic. 

If you\’ve experienced flooding in your laundry room, immediate water mitigation is the best way to prevent mold growth. Make sure to always clean and maintain your appliances and properly ventilate the laundry room.