What to Do When Your Home Floods

There are few disasters more devastating than a flooded home. Draining and pumping out all the water, removing damaged items, and repairing the damage can all be daunting tasks. Hiring a reputable restoration construction company can prove to be a valuable investment as they will be able to rectify the problem quickly. Here are a few tips to ensure that the clean up is most effective.

  • Recognize Risk and Stay Safe

A flooded home can pose a serious health and safety risk to you and your family. Avoid entering your home, if at all possible, until the water can safely be pumped out by a restoration company. Standing water can contain harmful bacteria, so if you do enter the water, be sure to wear protective clothing. Do not touch any electrical wiring or fixtures. Before you venture into your home, make sure all electricity and natural or liquid propane is shut off.

  • If it is Safe, Determine the Cause of the Flood and Shut off the Source

The majority of house floods are caused by heavy rains, which force groundwater flooding. Other floods are the result of plumbing or other water source failures. If a water pipe, washer hose, water heater, or another pressurized source of water were to break, your home could quickly be filled with gallons of water within hours. If this is the source of your flood, as soon as it is safe be sure to turn off the water to prevent more flooding from occurring.

  • Call a Restoration Construction Company

When you find your home full of water, a restoration construction company can pump the water out and away. In addition, restoration experts are experienced in drying out homes and preventing mold, mildew and rot from growing. It is advised to have restoration experts out to inspect your home within 48-hours of flooding to prevent mold.

At Entrusted, we are trained in restoring a flooded home back to its former glory while minimizing the risk of mold, mildew and rot. If you find yourself knee-deep in flood water, don’t trust your restoration needs to just anyone, trust the experts at Entrusted!