How to Respond to a Leaking Water Heater

Respond Quickly to Address a Water Heater Leak

Most homeowners don’t inspect their water heater units on a daily basis, so the potential for severe damage exists even in the event of small, seemingly insignificant leaks. At Entrusted, we offer the following advice for local property owners who believe that the structural integrity of their water heater has been compromised:

Take Emergency Action

The most readily apparent sign of a leaking water heater unit is accumulated water under and around the tank. At the first sign of unexplained water outside the tank, the piping into and out of the tank should be shut off. Many water heaters are equipped with valves at each point where the water enters and leaves the tank. If these valves are not present or if the valves are damaged in some way, water service to the entire property should be shut off at the meter to prevent further damage.

Begin the Cleanup Process

Once the flow of water has stopped, it is critical to take immediate steps to mitigate the damage to the best of your ability. A vacuum cleaner with wet vacuuming capabilities is an ideal solution for removing standing water from the area. If that is not an option, use a mop, towels, newspaper or any other absorbent material to remove the water. The plumbing associated with the tank should also remain off to prevent further leakage from occurring.

Call in an Expert

Unless you are a trained water mitigation expert yourself, the next logical step is to contact an experienced professional for help with the cleanup process. Disaster mitigation and response personnel have access to heavy-duty vacuums and drying equipment. These experts are also up to date on the latest techniques for repairing property damage in the aftermath of a wide variety of unforeseen events.

Keep Entrusted in mind, and contact our talented team at the first indication of damage caused by a water heater leak or any other source. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. and we’re standing by to respond immediately to your call for help.