How Summer Humidity Promotes Mold and Water Damage

Three Things That Cause Mold Growth and Water Damage

In humid climates, every home is at risk of growing mold or experiencing damage caused by water. Mold spores are constantly in the air, both inside and outside the home. Humidity provides the necessary moisture in the home for mold to grow. Here are a few ways the summer\’s humidity increases the chances for mold growth and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

  1. A Lack of Ventilation Causes Mold Growth

When your home doesn\’t experience adequate ventilation, mold can begin to grow. To remedy this, you can open the windows and doors. You can also turn on the air conditioner or fan to increase air flow. Cleaning the vents and ducts on a regular basis can help boost air movement and promote healthy air flow. Make sure to replace your filters twice a year as well.

  1. Indoor Condensation Leads to Mold Growth

Indoor air condensation is caused by a few factors: a lack of adequate insulation and a colder air temperature in the home than outside of it. Home owners should reduce the amount of condensation where possible to avoid mold growth. This means that you might need to use a dehumidifier. You might also need to adjust the temperature in your home so that it’s higher than outside your home. Another way to reduce condensation is to insulate the areas of your home that need it. Double-pane windows can help to reduce condensation. If you see any wet surfaces, promptly dry them.

  1. Warped Surfaces and Surfaces With Pockets Can Grow Mold

Mold grows within any surface it can get into, like carpeting, drywall and wood. This can also happen with surfaces that have water damage because this type of damage creates pockets. To avoid mold growth, you should use paint that includes mildewcides. Tile and laminate flooring can help to discourage mold growth. Items made from glass, metal or plastic also help to discourage mold growth.

Avoid mold growth by attending to the precautions above. If you do end up with mold, you will have to discard the items that contain mold or remove the mold to prevent additional problems. If you’re experiencing problems with mold in your home, contact Entrusted.