How To Prevent Roof Water Damage

Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes, but most of it can be prevented with a little preventative maintenance. Some issues can be solved by simply removing debris, but others require a much more in-depth look at prevention and treatment.

Keep a watchful eye on your attic

A simple and effective preventative measure for water damage is simply checking the condition of your attic periodically throughout the year. It is easy to forget, but a quick visual check of the exterior walls and struts can prove effective at halting further damage caused by any leaks. Look for leaks if you find darker areas that may indicate water damage, and in some instances, you may hear a steady drip.

The integrity of your roof shingles is important

The shingles on your roof serve the purpose of diverting water into gutters where the water is then moved away from the house. If the first line of defense against water damage fails, it can have a trickle-down effect. Visually inspect the integrity of your shingles, keeping an eye out for any cracks or misalignment or perhaps missing sections. If the roof is easily accessible, some minor repairs can be done by hand.

Clear debris from gutters

Gutters play a critical role in removing water from the rooftop and away from the house. If the water is blocked by sediment or vegetation, the water shedding effect becomes inhibited and water will begin to pool. Your gutters should be cleaned or inspected regularly to ensure proper functioning. Pooling water can begin to penetrate and weaken seals and gutters should be cleaned to ensure there are no leaks associated with gutter clutter.

Maintain flashing around roof features

Many roofs often have roof features which are any feature of the home that protrudes through the roof such as vents and skylights. Roof features are surrounded underneath the shingles by a water barrier called flashing which comes in many forms. Make sure to check these roof features for leaks, as they are a direct route to your roof and can easily let in water if not sealed properly.

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