How A Refrigerator Leak Can Damage Your Floor

You need your refrigerator to work 24/7, but sometimes your refrigerator can spring a leak. Here are some areas to watch out for to avoid needing a water or mold clean up company down the road.

The Damage Starts By Going Unnoticed

When you are around your refrigerator, you are probably not looking for leaks. Refrigerator leaks tend to start small and gradually grow to become a big problem. You might experience a leak coming from the icemaker, a leaky hose, and/or the water hookup. Generally, any leaks coming from an ice maker are the result of built-up condensation. This can block the draining system and end up leaking through the inside of your fridge and the seals. A leaky hose can be the result of having the refrigerator pushed up too close against the wall, bending the hose and causing a break and subsequent leak. It can be hard to notice this leak behind the fridge. So when installing a new refrigerator or moving an existing one, make sure not to push it as far back as possible to avoid damaging the hose. The water hookup can sometimes spring a leak or may drip, which can go unseen for a while and eventually will cause problems. That kind of leak can damage not only your floor but your wall as well.

Damage Develops Overtime

Overtime, water leads to breakdown and if undiscovered, you will have many costly problems to deal with. Depending on the type of leak, you can experience rotting floorboards, mold build up, or a flooded basement. If you have wood flooring, water damage will separate and warp the floorboards which will need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Water damage that penetrates through tile flooring will cause tiles to become loose and will need to be replaced eventually. A huge problem that can happen is that mold can build up and become a health hazard to your family.

Contact a Professional Mold Clean Up Company Immediately
It is important to catch the leak fast before severe damage can be done and before health hazards such as mold sets in. If you are experiencing allergy-like symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes or skin irritations, or asthma-like symptoms you can call Entrusted right away to assess the mold remediation services you need. We offer 24/7 emergency response and have mold clean up company experts ready serve you. Call our Entrusted team today to get started on your free assessment.