Dishwater water damage: What to do if it happens to you

There are many possible ways dishwashers cause water damage. In many instances, there is a defective door which causes water to leak while the dishwasher is on. A worn out gasket can also cause dishwasher water damage. This type of fault occurs when the rubber seal around the door wears out or is faulty, breaking the watertight seal that prevents leakage. Loose connections can also cause water damage. This is when water leaks out of the pipes that carry clean water in and cycles the dirty water out. When water damage occurs, there are clear steps to take to prevent further damage and help you take the steps toward water restoration.

Action 1: Stop the flow of water and electricity

If you discover that there is water damage, stopping the flow of water is key. Shutting off the water source prevents further damage from occurring. This is the first and most important action to be taken, especially if the dishwasher is continuing to pump out water. It’s also important to shut off electricity. An electrical current can be extremely dangerous where there is flooding water. In this instance, it’s important to locate the main and turn off all flow of electricity.

Action 2: Attempt to contain the spread of water

While damage may already be done in some areas of your kitchen, it’s important to try and contain the water to reduce further damage. This might mean identifying a perimeter of the water and blocking the spread with linen and towels. By containing the spread, you minimize the level of damage that could occur further.

Action 3: Call in a professional

In the case of any sign of water damage, it is necessary to call in a water restoration professional. Professionals are specially equipped with the tools necessary for soaking up water. These include special pumps for collecting the water.

In conclusion, there are many actions that one can take to control the water damage caused by a dishwasher but in all of these instances, it’s important to put safety first to preserve both property and health by calling in Entrusted today.