What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Hurricane Recovery

It is almost hurricane season, and hurricanes can cause millions and even billions of dollars worth of damage. It’s possible that even if your business has insurance, the damage caused by a hurricane might not be covered. Be sure to research a water restoration company that could assist your small business with any water mitigation services you might need. With that in mind, here are some tips for small business owners about what to know when it comes to hurricane recovery:

  • Apply For a Disaster Loan

As a small business owner, you might want to apply for a disaster loan if you live in an area with a high potential for hurricanes. A disaster loan will provide low-interest loans to a variety of business types who have experienced physical or economic harm due to a hurricane disaster. 

  • Business Physical Disaster Loans

The Business Physical Disaster Loans provides businesses to repair and fund a damaged property of up to $2 million dollars to businesses and non-profit organizations that have experienced physical damage from a natural disaster. The money funded by this loan can be used to fix or replace buildings, machinery, equipment, supplies, and more.

  • Where To Get Information On Hurricane Disaster 

If you are in need of additional hurricane disaster information, there are a few government programs and websites that you can acquire more information from including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, The Disaster Assistance Improvement Program, and the Small Business Administration

  • Seek a Water Restoration Company

After a strong hurricane disaster, you will still need a water restoration company to help your small business in the hurricane recovery phase. If you qualify for receiving a disaster loan for your small business, contact an experienced water restoration company that is licensed to provide the reconstructive services you need to repair your small business.