Steps to Take After Home Flooding

5 Things to Do After You Experience Home Flooding

Dealing with flooding and water damage in your home can be quite scary and overwhelming. Knowing what steps to take after a home flooding situation is key to maintaining peace of mind as you streamline the repair and restoration processes.

  1. Contact Entrusted

Upon discovering any home flooding, immediately contact Entrusted to begin the restoration process. Entrusted will come out and assess the extent of the damage and help you to make a determination on what best next steps to take to get your home back to pre-loss condition.

  1. Avoid Causing Additional Damage or Harm

Avoid causing additional damage to your home caused by attempting to drain the flood using a DIY method or by tinkering with drains and pumps yourself. Instead, turn to a water mitigation and flood restoration provider in your area, such as Entrusted, and leave the job to the professionals.

  1. Air Out the Area

It is imperative to air out any area of your home that has recently flooded, even after removing the majority of water from the space itself. Airing out the space with fans, dehumidifiers, and commercial air movers can help expedite the process while preventing the buildup of mildew and, in some cases, even mold.

  1. Inspect for Mold

Even if you have cleared the flooded area, it is highly advisable to inspect the flooded space for mold and mold spore growths. Mold has the ability to grow in dark, damp, and wet areas, which is why keeping an eye on your home after a flood is essential to avoid exposing members of your household to harmful and even deadly mold spores.

By working with professionals who specialize in flood and mold remediation, you can get rid of water from your home while preventing further issues and damage from arising.