Tips For When You Can or Can’t Evacuate a House Fire

Preparation is essential to your safety during a house fire. You can start preparing today by updating your fire escape plan, checking your smoke detector batteries, and purchasing a fire extinguisher. If a fire does start in your home, make safety your number one concern. Although it may hard to leave behind your beloved possessions or family pet, getting yourself and your family outside as quickly as possible should always be priority number one. You can increase your chance of survival by following these essential steps from your fire restoration experts.

If you can get out:

  1. Act quickly when you hear the smoke alarm

When you hear your fire alarm, act immediately. If you have a fire escape plan, everyone in your household should know the next steps. Do not go out of your way to grab any possessions. Getting everyone out of the house as quickly as possible should be your sole focus. You may have a small window of time to escape, so unless it’s breathing, leave it behind.

  1. Safely exit

First, look for smoke. If you see smoke coming in under your door, find another exit. If you don’t see smoke entering through the door, place the back of your hand against the door to feel for heat. If the door feels cool, you’re clear to open the door. If you see fire outside the door, close it to protect yourself from smoke and flames. If you can’t exit through the door, you will have to carefully escape via the nearest window.

  1. Avoid inhaling smoke

Inhaling smoke can quickly disorient you or even cause you to lose consciousness. Stay low to the ground by crawling and/or crouching. Find something nearby to cover your nose and mouth if the room is quickly filling with smoke.

  1. Remember to stop, drop, and roll

If your clothing happens to catch on fire, remember to stop, drop, and roll. Stop what you’re doing, drop down flat on the ground, and roll until the fire is distinguished. Don’t forget to cover your face with your hands while rolling to protect your face.

If you can’t get out:

  1. Protect yourself from smoke

If you’re unable to escape, don’t panic. You still have some control and can take a few measures to stay safe and minimize your smoke inhalation. Start by closing the door and filling any gaps under or around the door with cloth or tape. Also, locate all vents in the room and cover those.

  1. When stuck on the 2nd story, call for help

First, if it is safe, try escaping via the window. If you are unable to safely exit the window, open it and call for help. Find something to hang out the window, like a sheet, that you can use as a signal to first responders when they arrive. But be cautious and avoid leaving the window open for too long, the new, fresh oxygen will draw the fire.

Once safely outside your home, call 911. After first responders have extinguished the fire and you are ready to start reclaiming your home, call the fire restoration experts at Entrusted. We will help you get your home back to working order.