Do I Need Flood Insurance?

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There is an essential question all homeowners must ask when purchasing homeowners insurance: what doesn’t my insurance cover? This will vary greatly depending on what area of the country you live in and what natural disasters you are at risk for. In most cases, you must pay extra to include your area’s common natural disasters—such as flooding for those who live along the coastline in Florida and Texas. As a water restoration company that serves areas prone to hurricanes and heavy rain, we strongly urge you to consider flood insurance.


Removing Flood Water Requires Special Equipment

If you have never experienced flooding, you may underestimate its impact. Floodwater isn’t just messy inconvenience, but can often be filled with toxic waste and contaminants. This means you need to remove the water as quickly as possible, clean and sanitize your home, and dry out the saturated area to reduce the likelihood of mold growth. This type of damage is not something you can handle yourself. You will require Entrusted’s water mitigation services because we have the equipment necessary to mitigate the damage.


Flood Costs Can Add Up Quickly

Even with professional help arriving quickly, you are likely to have damage and loss. These costs add up quickly including flooring, wet drywall, furniture, personal items, mold removal, and all water cleanup services. The average homeowner pays thousands of dollars for minor flood cleanup, and much more when furniture and personal items are factored in. 


If you are in a high flood risk area of Texas or Florida, you can trust Entrusted to remove floodwater and mold, leaving your home and dry. Then you can get to work replacing your lost items.