6 BBQ and Fire Pit Safety Tips

Now that the weather is getting warmer, more and more people are going to be using grills, fire pits, and other outdoor grilling activities. Each year there are a number of outdoor BBQ and fire pit fires that could have been prevented if more people knew about the potential risks of fire damage. Fire can be devastating to your home, so doing everything you can to ensure its safety is a top priority. If you do have fire damage, be sure to reach out to a fire clean up company.

  • Preparing the fire pit appropriately

To prepare your fire pit, or if you are planning to install one, the most crucial part of the fire pit is where it is positioned. At a minimum, the fire pit should be 10 feet away from any structure or land of grass. Additionally, a fire pit should not be directly put on a wooden deck or grass; instead, put it on patio blocks or concrete.

  • Using the fire pit

The first and most important safety tip to know when you are using the fire pit is to never leave the fire unattended. Soft woods such as pine or cedar can pop and throw sparks, so use dry, native wood that grows naturally in your region. This ensures the fire will burn slow and give off just the right amount of heat. 

  • Extinguishing the fire pit

It is important to put out the fire completely, even if it does not look like there is any possibility for the fire to start back up. Be sure to put out the fire with water and stir the fire pit with a shovel. Also be sure to discard the ashes in a safe manner by putting them in a metal container used only for storing ash. 

  • Put your grill away from structures 

Putting the BBQ grill about 5-10 feet away from structures is a good place to start on fire safety before you put the burgers on the grill. When you place the grill away from any structures, it drastically reduces the potential to start a fire.

  • Keep the grill clean

Removing any buildup of grease and fat from the grill and the tray below will decrease the chances of starting a fire. Using charcoal grill can be pretty easy to clean, just make sure you cool off completely before putting them in a disposable metal container.

  • Be aware of starting the grill with charcoal starter fluid

When using a charcoal grill, it is crucial to only use charcoal starter fluid. If the fire is starting to burn low, be sure to not add any more charcoal starter fluid. Instead, it would be best to use a charcoal chimney starter, which uses newspaper to start the fire back up opposed to the starter fluid.