5 Design Styles for Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel

What Color Palette Should I Use for My Home’s Design Style?

If your bathroom has suffered water damage or a small fire, trust the experts at Entrusted in Florida or Texas to lead you through the restoration process. There are some trends in bathroom remodels that have become increasingly popular that may be perfect for your space.

Art Deco

Bring the opulence of the Art Deco style with its clean, straight, elegant lines and geometric design into your space. You can implement this trend by installing muted gold and brushed metal elements. Alternatively, create a new look by installing wainscoting and black hexagonal floor tiles along with a recessed bathtub.

French Provincial

Consider adding mauve, subtle browns and greys to your bathroom to create a French Provincial look. If you are not ready to paint quite yet, add some country-style shelving and cabinets to your current bathroom. Take this look to the next level by installing large, white, country-sized washbasins with elegant gold faucets.


An industrial-inspired style has elements drawn from spaces like firehouses and old factories. These spaces usually feature design elements, such as iron, copper, or steel fixtures, exposed brick walls, or a subway tile backsplash. These color schemes are based around darker colors like black and gray with white accents.


The rustic look has been popular for a few years now, and it is not going away any time soon. While the team at Entrusted in Florida or Texas is completing the water mitigation and fire restoration cleanup work, start scouring thrift and antique stores for the perfect country-inspired décor for the bathroom. Consider white textured walls and adding some seasonal décor on rustic shelves made from old barn wood.

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern style is inspired by the years following the Second World War, where people felt optimistic and reflected that within their homes. This style combines sleek functionality, minimal ornamentation, and bold geometric forms for a classic look with a modern twist. Colors range within this style, but often feature neutral colors with a variety of materials.

Whatever your style and color palette, make sure you reach out to the restoration experts at Entrusted for a bathroom remodel.