4 Reasons You Shouldn\’t Handle Water Damage Yourself

Dealing with water damage from a broken water pipe, a broken ejector pump, or a major flood can be a stressful experience. If you’re worried about cost, you might be tempted to repair the damage yourself to save money. But DIY water mitigation can be dangerous, because the process can release mold and other airborne irritants. Also, depending on the severity of the damage, you could miss potentially hazardous problems and even make the situation worse. Trust your home to Entrusted for quick and expert water damage or mold solutions. 

Below are some reasons why you should leave water damage restoration to the professionals. 

1. Hazardous Sewage Water

Water damage can bring with it sewage with harmful bacteria, fungi, or dangerous chemicals. Every part of your house that has been affected by water damage must be remediated properly, to make sure contaminated waste does not come in contact with other areas of your home or become airborne, risking the health of yourself and your family. 

2. Structural Issues

Water damage from a flooded basement, leaky roof or burst pipe, can cause serious structural issues if the drying process is not handled correctly. Affected areas that are out of view such as wood in walls, roofing or floors need to be dried properly or replaced with new, structurally sound materials even though they are not in plain sight. 

3. Mold Growth

A damp attic, water condensation from pipes, old carpets, drywall, furring strips, etc. are all perfect places for mold growth. Different types of mold exist, some more dangerous than others. All mold can cause allergies and respiratory problems. In the case that mold is caused by water damage, only Entrusted’s team of professionals is trained to handle water damage restoration and will have the right equipment and protective gear to remedy the problem properly.

4. Sufficient and Correct Equipment

You might think that water damage can be mitigated by draining the water, using disinfectant, and letting some fresh air inside the area, but there is much more that goes into reversing water damage. Proper remediation requires a long list of expensive equipment such as dehumidifiers to reduce humidity and increase the rate of drying, air movers to increase the rate of evaporation, air scrubbers to filter through and remove particles from the air in the given area, and antimicrobial to halt the growth of potential mold, and more. All of these pieces of equipment are crucial and cannot be skipped during the restoration process. 

When you first find water damage, your first thought might be to clean it up yourself and save some money. But hiring the professionals at Entrusted will ensure the problem is sufficiently remedied, keep hazardous conditions from developing, and prevent you from spending more money in the long run.