4 Household Appliances Most Likely to Cause Water Damage

Water damage caused by heavy rain is one thing, but the damage caused by your household appliances is often preventable. The most common sources of flooding in your home include the following:

Washing Machine

If you find your washing machine leaking, don’t take it lightly. If you are seeing leaks around the clamps in the water hose, stay alert because it’s a warning sign for future failures.

It is recommended to inspect your water hoses on a monthly basis and search for any cracking, leaking, or rusting on the washing machine. It is advised to replace hoses every five years, no matter how exceptional they look from the outside.


Improper sealing or a defrosted drain clog are the major reasons for condensation buildup that leads to water leaks underneath the unit. For the defrosted drain, thaw the ice and then flush it with hot water. For improper sealing, examine the rubber seal that runs along the door.

If you don’t take enough precautions, the icemaker can become a mess maker in no time. It is also advised to check the hose and water line to be sure they are connected properly every time.


If your dishwasher has malfunctioning hoses and valves, there’s a chance it will start to leak. Loose essential plumbing connections, if not fixed quickly, may cause a puddle of water in your kitchen.

Never forget that a dishwasher is designed to work for only 10 years. So if your dishwasher is nearing this threshold, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Hot Water Heater

Conventional water heaters that have storage tanks are prone to corrosion, age-related wear, and mineral buildup. This can lead to tank burst or leakage and then gallons of water could be flooding onto your floor.

An annual inspection of the hot water heater can minimize the chances of excessive water damage. It is advised to flush the tank every six months to remove the sediments. Be attentive and replace your hot water heater every 10 years.

How to Prevent Serious Appliance Leaks?

It is possible to prevent serious appliance leaks by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Schedule regular plumbing maintenance services for each appliance.

Step 2: Keep in mind the average lifespan of every appliance.

Step 3: Maintain a habit of personal appliance inspection every month to check for leaks and damage.

If you discover water damage issues in your home or business, immediately contact Entrusted for a professional response and same-day service.