3 Interesting Facts About Water Damage

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is having to deal with the aftermath of a flood. Initially, homeowners are generally concerned about questions like how much their homeowner’s insurance will cover and what possessions can be salvaged. When disaster strikes, life is placed on hold until everything is dried out and returned to normal, which isn’t always an easy task. Here are three facts about water restoration that will help you secure your home and return to normal life.

Knowing the Type of Water

In most cases, there are three types of water that will enter a home: rainwater, fresh water, and sewage water. The type of water you are dealing with will determine the cleanup process. If you are dealing with sewage water, you’ll need to contact a professional clean up company, who will have the necessary tools to handle the problem safely. One sure way to know that you are dealing with a sewage water mess is that it will smell as terrible as you would expect it to. Bacteria that are commonly found within sewage water can be harmful, leaving you or your family members violently ill.

Trouble Doesn’t End When the Water is Gone

Don’t be deceived thinking that as soon as the water is removed from your home you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Just because the obvious signs of water are gone, doesn’t mean there isn’t moisture, mold, or other issues lying just beneath the surface. Moisture can be hiding in walls, crawlspaces, under floorboards, etc., leading to mold growth. Not only is mold harmful to your health, but it can cause serious damage to the structural elements of your home. As part of your water cleanup process, be sure to have a mold prevention expert fully inspect your home, to ensure you don’t have any potential issues hiding where you can’t see them.

Attics Are a Cause for Concern

The most common source of water entering a home is through a damaged roof or malfunctioning gutters. Because of this, your attic is at the highest risk for water damage to occur. If your roof leaks, have your attic inspected to ensure there isn’t a serious problem getting worse without you knowing about it.

At Entrusted, we have water restoration specialists who can not only remove the water from your home but fully inspect to ensure that you don’t have any hidden problems you may not know about. Don’t attempt to clean up the water mess by yourself, call the professionals at Entrusted and let us do the work for you.